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Business Consulting

As lawyers who provide business consulting services, Mohen Cooper is able to help our clients assess their current business performance and to assist them in developing strategies and tactics to change and grow the channel sufficient to maximize the returns for all stakeholders. Clients turn to Mohen Cooper because we bring to the table experience and expertise from working with numerous other companies in a wide variety of industries. This outside expertise offers them a unique and external perspective on their own situation and frequently enables us to develop approaches more quickly and with greater clarity and lower cost than they could do internally.

In addition, as lawyers, we are also able to not only develop, but to assist our clients in implementing these strategies and tactics by ensuring both that they are legal, as well as detailing and appropriately documenting the transactions, policies or procedures required to execute that strategy and, when necessary, to have them filed and approved.

While lawyers often chafe at consultants who make legal representations and recommendations, and where consultants are alarmed by lawyers who propose business strategies based on limited knowledge or research and prepared without using the same professional rigor generally applied by the consultants in reaching their conclusions and recommendations, Mohen Cooper offers both. Qualified transactional lawyers and litigators, who are also experienced business people, well versed in all facets of business operations and uniquely situated to assist its clients.

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